540 Coaching

According to a study commissioned by the International Coaching Federation on the benefits reported by ongoing coaching clients:

  • 47% achieve sustained health transformation
  • 60% become more effective leaders
  • 70% experience better work performance

In fact, coaching can produce a return of up to 7 times the original investment.

Self-development is just like financial investing. The more you put in, the more you get out.  Ongoing coaching is the gold-standard of personal and professional development. Nothing helps you go further, faster. Look at any athlete. Which high performing competitor do you know that does not have a coach.

540 Coaching is for people just like you. People with big dreams, but busy lives. People who want to achieve what matters most, but struggle to overcome distraction, self-doubt, and fear of failure. People who want to achieve their best, but know they need a roadmap, guide, and a band of fellow travelers to go the distance.


Phase Session Purpose Objective Result Tools Frequency
Wade Younger, LLC Phase Eagle’s View
Jericho Rose
  • Establish relationship
  • Assess your strengths
  • Explore your needs
  • Discover opportunities & obstacles
  • Launched program
    Pass path review
    Current situation appraised
Eagle's ViewJericho Rose 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase 540 Vision
Comeback Victor
  • Assessment coaching process
  • Identify unresolved problems
  • Define improvement objective
  • Measure and synthesize results
  • Gain insight for goal setting
  • Self assessment completed, processed, & interpreted
540 VisionComeback Victory 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase Feeling Great
Fluorescent Leadership
  • Learn to lead with renewed focus
  • Heighten consciousness
  • Focus on future success
  • Feedback on personal commitment
  • Review skill assets Address lacking areas
Feeling GreatFluorescent 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase Glide Path
Moving Forward
Action Plan
  • Build a plan of action
  • Chart a course for achieving the goal
  • Structure a timeframe
  • Goals determined
    Action plan for change & growth complete
Glide PathMoving Forward 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase The Coast is Clear
Running with Horses
  • Commit to change
  • Develop new transforming behavior
  • Interval commitment level evaluation
  • Implement 21-day action plan Inner work awareness
The Coast is ClearRunning with Horses 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase Take Charge
All for One
  • Measure improvement
  • Recalibrate and refine goals
  • Translate learning into action
  • Reestablish the ‘Why’ of goals & coaching Inspire for the future
Take ChargeAll for One 2 sessions
Wade Younger, LLC Phase Finishing Strong
After Glow
  • Examine effectiveness of course of action
  • Evaluate performance success
  • Develop personal case study & proof of success
  • Develop long range plan
Finishing StrongAfter Glow 2 session

All sessions are supported by incidental emails, online and phone reinforcement

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