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Motivate Cafe

What is Motive Café? This is the best way to explain it. I live by two principles:

The first is that you should never quit!  Remember that you can either throw in the towel, or use it to wipe the sweat off your face and keep pushing.  Motive Café was created to PUSH you to do better tomorrow than you did yesterday.  The second principle is to be on a consistent search for beauty, peace,  inspiration and truth (BPIT). My hope is that Motive Café will assist you on your journey to find your BPIT(If you have ever heard me speak, from time to time I refer to the Bee Pitt (or BPIT), this is the origin of the phrase.)

So please share these inspirational quotes and videos with your friends. Click the image. Select your social media channel. Done and done.

 Top 10 Morning wy

The Power of Vulnerability-wy2

 Street Compliments  How To Connect With Anyone wy2
 Now  Ali wy
 Take a Seat - Make a Friend wy  Compliment wy
 Doing What Matters wy  Your elusive Creative Genius wy
 Listening to Shame wy  Why the Geese Get it Right wy
 Best Athlete  Brand New
 Why we do what we do wy  Why I Write wy
 Be Better wy  A Wall of Words! wy
 Entrepreneuship wy2  Failure wy
 Snap You Joy wy  Strangers in a Sandbox wy
 Think about Why You Started wy  Success Journey wy
To Dont List wy2  Work Hard wy