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Portable Seminars (Portinar)

What is Portinarguy_on_bus

Portinar™ is your learning solution partner.  Over the past 25 years, Wade Younger has been committed to helping the world’s most prestigious companies improve their business with learning and development. Portinar™ was developed to provide portable learning programs for busy people.

Portinar™ is a unique method using the device of today’s generation, any or MP3 player to train your workforce. Proven management and training techniques are built into short audio clips to train your team.  Perfect for blended and online learning programs. These courses have an accelerated learning system embedded within the program to assist you retain information faster and retain is for a longer period of time.

Black Male TeenagerWhy Portinar?

Portinar™ is:

Mobile – Employees and managers can be trained right at their workstations or on the go outside the classroom verses in an instructor led training room or at a computer.

Flexibility – The content is delivered in short bursts. The “play lists” will allow better retention of information. Listen to a short clip and practice the skill verses watching an instructor and long videos in a classroom. The learner can work at his or her own speed.

On Demand – Employees, managers and leaders can have an iPOD or MP3 player with them and use it to correct behaviors or skills by listening to a short audio clip right at the point of opportunity.

Updatable – Easily keep content up-to-date by ‘podcasting’ out new or replacement information so materials never become out of date like typical print or video materials.

Effective – Portinar™ training becomes a culture vs. a program. The method immediately engages the employee and transfers the knowledge quickly to allow more time to practice hands-on skills.

Portinar’s comprehensive e-learning solutions have helped healthcare, hi-tech, financial services, manufacturing, and retail companies as well as government agencies adapt to changing market conditions by effectively and efficiently transferring critical business knowledge from those that have it to those that need it.

Our solutions have helped ensure that our clients’ internal and external stakeholders; from employees to contractors to customers, have the knowledge they need to be successful.

Who should use Portinar?Girl Standing

  • Portinar™ is perfect blended and online training solution for all students and businesses.
  • Portinar™ is not simply putting audio or videos into your iPOD or MP3 player.  It’s a whole new technique to leverage the human assets in your organization to become more effective and productive, now!
  • Portinar™ includes a full library of downloadable organization development topics from leading speakers and consultants.

Great for management and staff, home schooling, optimal learning and brain tools. Portinar Accelerated Learning programs can help you with test taking, general learning and crash study courses. As a tool, accelerated learning will help you to open the brain for faster learning of any subject quickly and easily. Try the Portinar today and see for yourself!


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