Keynote Topics

Being First, Best or Different

How would you describe the color purple  to a person born blind?

That question needs thought and ingenuity.  Is your department thought provoking and ingenious?   As organizations move into the future, street-smart, decisive groups are extremely valuable and rare assets. 20% of your work can produce 80% of your results.  How? It’s about understanding the critical differences between problem solving and true decision making.“ Your solution?

The objective of this keynote is to explain how clear thinking can open the mind to new ways of looking at problems and opportunities, explore creative and analytical techniques for generating fresh possibilities, and illustrate the role that values, culture, and goals have in resolving an issue.

This innovation keynote experience will help you:

  • Take charge of the situation: Learn how to appraise a situation
  • Take charge of emotions: Understanding your limits
  • Take charge of thinking: Confidently resolve your situations
  • Take charge of imagination: Expanding your creativity
  • Take charge of the process: Find out how to design change
  • Take charge of cause and effect: Discover action-reaction
  • Take charge of behavior: How to diagnose dynamic behavior

540 Vision

Have you ever wished you had a game changing idea? One of those Google, Facebook, or iPhone ideas that would change your life and the world around you? 540 Vision shows you how to generate innovative ideas and turn them into a reality.

But how do you translate a fantastic vision into something practical? How do you make sure you reap the benefits from it? How do you develop and nurture the mindset that takes you to the next level? Let 540 Vision be your guide to success!

Wade Younger shows you how to convert your ground breaking idea into a money making business reality.  540 Vision is about seeing the world around you differently.  It’s about overcoming obstacles that can surface as you journey through the process.  It’s about convincing people that your idea is worth their investment.

540 Vision is a cutting-edge, revenue generating guide that highlights concepts such as how to give your idea time to grow, how to assess and evaluate your idea, how to prepare arguments on behalf of your idea, and how to get support for your idea while selling your thoughts. What will participants learn Break out of your routines by discovering ways to transform work Travel on a path to thinking, rethink current ways, & break away the tradition Solve more problems, increase efficiencies and develop processes to keep your organization competitive Overcome blind spots and road blocks to creativity and innovation
Avoid assumption traps Develop strategies to think outside the box

Change, Challenge and Innovation!

We are proud to present the official learning program designed to help you and others in your organization succeed in these changing times by discovering a simple way to enjoy change and SUCCEED!

All attendees will learn techniques for coping with resistance, anger, denial and the acceptance of change. They will learn how to build systems and structures to navigate and orchestrate change, how to create commitment and benefits, as well as how to face the challenges and demands of change. In addition to the change process, Change, Challenge and Innovation! also addresses the issues of communication, conflict, power, stress and risk. By the session’s conclusion, all attendees will leave with the necessary skills to successfully carry themselves through the next maze of change that will inevitably occur in both their personal and professional lives.

The “Change, Challenge and Innovation!” Program Will Help You:

  • Learn how to understand your organization ‘s response to change
  • Learn how to recognize the different types of change
  • Learn how to prepare yourself and others for change
  • Learn how to ensure cooperation by building teamwork
  • Learn how to provide support while dealing with change
  • Learn how to anticipate and manage resistance
  • Learn how to use leadership to drive positive change
  • Learn how to develop a positive motivational climate
  • Learn how to translate what you learn into immediate action

Why should someone do business with you?

The purpose of every business, large and small, is to get and keep customers. To do it well. To do it everyday.

It is the ongoing responsibility of everyone in the organization to ask the questions and to search out the answers to determine ‘why someone should do business with them…rather than someone else’–and to ensure those answers are clearly evident to their customers.

Every business must do this to create customer loyalty and to ensure their own business longevity. After all, a business without customers…isn’t. To answer this tough question accurately requires an observant eye, an innovative mind and a great deal of practical information. Wade offers just that in this most-requested, fast-paced program.

Developed to encourage interaction, it assists participants broaden their business perspective and begin the vital information-gathering process. Wade connects quickly with participants, involving them, challenging them from the onset. Facts are presented. Questions are asked. Specific “action” techniques, strategies and relevant examples are outlined.

By program’s end these business issues will have been discussed:

  • Developing memorable marketing strategies
  • Providing “loyalizing” service
  • Maximizing staff productivity
  • Learn what it takes to make money
  • Demonstrating effective leadership


You have 9 seconds to answer the following questions:

Buyochemistry’s results have proven what has been theorized by some, practiced by few, and documented by none. As wide-ranging as it is deep, Buyochemistry’s findings will build unprecedently powerful brands. What does this presentation provide?

Understand what people really want. Discover how to optimize your brand, based on the latest neuroscience. Learn how to run marketing campaigns, paid for by your customers. Discover the next Big Thing: micro branding. Prepare your brand for Generation Tomorrow In more than 70% of cases, the decision to buy one item in favor of a competitor product is made in the four seconds before the consumer takes their choice from the store shelf.

  • Why do people buy?
  • What is the secret formula to generating revenue?
  • Why your brand was rejected or accepted?
  • What triggered the decision in favor of your competitor?
  • What are you already doing right?
  • What do you need to improve urgently?
  • Where are the pitfalls and the opportunities in smashing your brand?
  • Would you like to know what goes on during those 9 seconds?

Buyochemistry is a book, talk and workshop by Wade Younger which analyzes what makes people buy. Younger identifies the factors that influence buyers’ decisions in a world cluttered with messages such as advertisements, slogans, jingles and celebrity endorsements. Younger, through a study of the human psyche, explains the subconscious mind and its role in deciding what the buyer will buy. Younger’s study evaluates the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising, the influence of our senses and the correlation between religion and branding.