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I’ve always believed that if you know better, you can do better. This section exists for the purpose of doing BETTER!

There are several areas in life where we can move forward, but I have chosen to focus in on only four (4):

  • HOW to do it better in your personal life to make positive things happen for you.
  • WHAT to do to enhance your professional life.
  • WHO do you have to be?
  • WHERE do you have to exist in order to build a business that is productive and generates revenue.

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Eagle's View
Feeling Great about Me
Finishing Strong
Fluorescent Leadership
Healing has a Life of its Own
It's Cool to Tell
Jericho Rose
Running with Horses
So Let's Talk about You
Starting Tuesday
The Maven
Life Actually
The Vase
Tunnels, Bridges and Ladders
First Line
540 Vision
The Chinese Bamboo
From the Sideline
Fruition Consulting
Glad Path
The Genius Within
Vision to Fruition
Turning Clever into Cash - Volume I
Turning Clever into more Cash
Vice Vera
Beyond the Fourth Wall
Taking Charge
All for One
Changing Tires
Coast is Clear
First, Best, Different, Faster, Cheaper, Better
Going for the WOW!
Org Shift
Truth about Jellybeans
Turning Customer Service into a Customer Sale
Moving Forward
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