Pebble – they didn’t just create a watch; they imagined the future on our wrists. They didn’t ask for a market; they created it, breaking Kickstarter records and redefining what crowdfunding could achieve.

But innovation is a journey, not a destination. It demands not just foresight but also insight into the rhythm and pulse of society. While smartphones had conditioned us to embrace the future, wearables danced to a different beat. The horizon of growth forecasted for wearables wasn’t mirrored by reality. The canvas was still vast, the paint still fresh, and the picture of wearables’ place in our world was yet to be clearly painted.

In the end, Pebble’s technology found a new home with Fitbit. But their story serves as a stark reminder: To innovate is to tread uncharted waters, but one must be ready for the tides that come with it. It’s about understanding not just where the world is, but more importantly, where it’s ready to go.

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