The Segway was introduced in 2001 as a groundbreaking personal transport solution, aiming to transform the way we navigate our world.

However, their journey on the innovation path was impeded by a fundamental oversight. While the Segway was undeniably an inventive product, the creators failed to bridge the gap between visionary ideas and practical execution. They overlooked key elements such as city infrastructure compatibility and safety considerations before hitting the market. This led to widespread skepticism: why would anyone want to invest in a pricey piece of technology that they might not even be permitted to use?

Innovation is about more than just crafting a product that’s different; it’s about creating something that not only captures the imagination, but also fits seamlessly into the world around it, and enhances the lives of those who use it. It’s about realizing the full potential of an idea by addressing every aspect, from grand vision to the smallest practical detail.

The story of Segway is a reminder that when it comes to innovation, the devil is in the details. A truly successful product must transcend its own novelty and become a tangible improvement in people’s lives.

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