The Daily – a bold leap into the uncharted. In 2011, in a world hungry for the newest and the most daring, it emerged as the very first iPad-exclusive newspaper. It was more than just words; it was an experience, transforming every touch into a journey through vibrant graphics, compelling videos, and a revolutionary way to engage with stories.

But like all pioneering ventures, it faced challenges that tested its very core. In a world where value is more than just content but the very essence of how we access it, The Daily’s alliance with Apple took more than it gave. A business model that shared its soul – and its revenue – with another couldn’t stand the test of time.

By the close of its short, yet impactful chapter less than two years later, The Daily stood as a testament: Innovation is not just about creating the next big thing, but ensuring it can stand alone in a world that’s constantly evolving.

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