TiVo – it wasn’t just a piece of tech; it was a revolution in viewing. When we were tied to the tyranny of time slots, TiVo came along, challenging the status quo, offering freedom like we’d never seen. Suddenly, you didn’t have to mold your life around your favorite show – TiVo made the show mold around you. Gone were the days of the cumbersome VCR and the disappointing DVD recorder.

But as history has shown us, being first isn’t always enough. It’s about evolving, staying ahead, anticipating the curve. When the world around them was racing, TiVo, in a sense, decided to hold back. They saw imitations of their revolutionary idea spring up, and while they took their time to make a stand, the world didn’t wait. By the time they wanted to set the record straight, DVRs weren’t a novelty; they were the norm.

Innovation isn’t just about birthing an idea. It’s about nurturing, evolving, and fiercely protecting it. And sometimes, it means making bold moves before the world catches up.

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