Toys R Us wasn’t just a store; it was a dreamscape for every child, a place where imagination came alive. They were the giants in a world full of wonder, but even giants can lose their way. In an era where digital was becoming the new frontier, Toys R Us made a pact with Amazon, thinking they had secured their future in the online world.

Yet, true visionaries understand that you must always be the captain of your ship, especially in uncharted waters. Trusting another entity with your future, especially one as dynamic as Amazon, can be risky. And when Amazon opened its doors to other toy vendors, it wasn’t just a breach of contract—it was a wake-up call. Toys R Us, rather than championing its own e-commerce journey, became entangled in disputes.

The brand that once held the keys to every child’s fantasy world missed its golden chance to unlock the digital kingdom. In the world of innovation, it’s not just about seizing opportunities but also creating them.

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